MD Teen Suspended for 3 Weeks Because He Was In Photo With Airsoft Gun

Published on Jul 11, 2019 3,993 views
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Another example of the insanity has popped up, like fungus on a rotting log.
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  • Miki Ellis
    Miki Ellis 1 week ago If I was the kids parents I would sue the heck out of the school. He wasn't at school at the time. So they had no right to take action
  • Darby Dillon
    Darby Dillon 1 week ago I agree! The first thing the left does is file a lawsuit. It's about time we start suing the shit out of these schools until they realize who's paying their salary.
  • Romans 13:4
    Romans 13:4 1 week ago How the hell does the school have the ability to discipline students for behavior that is not during school hours and not on school grounds? Sounds like the school is violating the students Civil Rights.
  • Titanium Ovaries
    Titanium Ovaries 1 week ago The school has no authority in your private life. Sue them!
  • Slimvince 1
    Slimvince 1 1 week ago The principal is very, very stupid.
  • Richard Barrett
    Richard Barrett 1 week ago That should allow for a good law suit and the removal of school officials.
    LIGHT UNIVERSE 1 week ago I know right!
  • swingingdaddy
    swingingdaddy 1 week ago Better not put a photo of them cooking online. They could have a knife!
  • TheMadagascarqueen
    TheMadagascarqueen 1 week ago (edited) swingingdaddy Shhh. Seriously. Don’t give the school more ideas
  • Dixie Fish 01
    Dixie Fish 01 1 week ago pork n beans 😂😂😂😂
  • pork n beans
    pork n beans 1 week ago COOKING METH ..?
  • Eric stream
    Eric stream 1 week ago Progressives are like black mold. At first it's fairly harmless but the more you let it grow the more dangerous it becomes.
  • JeffersonCounty Milita
    JeffersonCounty Milita 1 week ago Better question, why are kids being suspended for play with toy guns...
  • Scotty Irish
    Scotty Irish 1 week ago The school has zero business in what kids do outside of school. There's a fine line developing between Progressives and Nazis.
  • FBI 1987
    FBI 1987 1 week ago Pft, was there ever actually a line?
  • Scotty Irish
    Scotty Irish 1 week ago @Jacob Salomon Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestors.
  • Jacob Salomon
    Jacob Salomon 1 week ago Scotty Irish (Isn't that an oxymoron? ;-) said: > There's a fine line developing between Progressives and Nazis. Getting finer all the time, unfortunately.
  • AV8R Tom
    AV8R Tom 1 week ago How can a school suspend a student for activity that took place outside of the school???
  • Blob Monster
    Blob Monster 1 week ago Progressive means authoritarians.
  • RickK RocKStar
  • InSight Freedom
    InSight Freedom 1 week ago We have escalated to an insane level of idiocy in such a short amount of time. The anti (gun, Constitution, etc) agenda is supported by so many societal influencers.
  • blackkey1976
    blackkey1976 1 week ago I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the principal is a leftist woman with delusions of power.
  • Robin Campbell
    Robin Campbell 1 week ago (edited) What did the Snapchat photo have to do with the school? Was it shot on school grounds? I not, time to SUE.
  • Steven E. Godfrey
    Steven E. Godfrey 1 week ago "Liberalism" the pathogen that just keeps on giving !
  • James Anthony
    James Anthony 1 week ago Lawyer up, kiddo. Sounds like you've got fully paid-college tuition coming your way. =)
  • pork n beans
    pork n beans 1 week ago SUE EM PERSONALLY...SEND A MESSAGE
  • Andy Robichaud
    Andy Robichaud 1 week ago The parents should have demanded their money back and found another school as soon as the "teacher with hurt feelings" incident occurred.
  • blackkey1976
    blackkey1976 1 week ago Schools spend an inordinate amount of time stalking children online.
  • Eric Bunch
    Eric Bunch 1 week ago whose job is it to monitor students social media ? There needs to be more oversight of employees , sounds more like stalking than oversight.
  • Patricia Hammett
    Patricia Hammett 1 week ago Home schooling seems to be the way to go. Also if the teacher was texting how would they feel if they killed or seriously injured the principal's child. Keep the kids on an emotional juvenile level and they will be easier to control when they are old enough to vote democrat.