Democrats Used Obama Migrant Photo To Smear Trump, Deleted tweet, Used ANOTHER Obama Photo, whoops!

Published on Jul 11, 2019 177,414 views
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  • David Grover
    David Grover 1 week ago They didn’t accidentally put out a Obama era picture. They just got caught caught using a Obama era picture.
  • Jason Springer
    Jason Springer 1 week ago They know more people will see the original than the correction especially when they didn't make a correction but just erased and prepared for the next fake news story
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago @DevastationMtrsports They still think it's the 90's when they could just spew anything and people will believe it. Not in the information era :)
  • DevastationMtrsports
    DevastationMtrsports 1 week ago They keep doing this. It's increasingly difficult to believe they are this stupid, yet it seems insane to consider they purposely, repeatedly use old photos. It seems they purposely appear incompetent and ignorant over and overnagin with no ability to learn and change behavior. Could this be a black propaganda effort?
  • ValorJ Omega
    ValorJ Omega 1 week ago @Sidney Bales The nuts are still saying that it was under trump. Sjws are so stupid and are unable to see the truth.
  • Sidney Bales
    Sidney Bales 1 week ago @robinchwan They are playing the long game. They know that they can introduce this photo, blame Trump, generate hysteria, take the photo down, and the hysteria continues. It started with Favreau posting the first kids in cages photo more than a year ago. He knew where it came from, but said something like, "this is happening with Trump now." He deleted it but the hysteria continued. People who didn't do their research just continued with the Orange Man is caging children. It is a very carefully orchestrated campaign designed to manipulate the low information people.
  • Bobby Mcdonald
    Bobby Mcdonald 1 week ago The DemocRATs are the party for low-IQ bigots and evil wizards who want to rule over them. (DNC railroads its own delegates in the name of God & Jerusalem) "a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times" (John 13:38)
  • Paul Hogan
    Paul Hogan 1 week ago @Nathan Coffey spot on! The democrats know that things don't have to be factual. AOC has actually said it herself, that some are more concerned with being "factually correct". In the age of the internet all one has to do is get something, anything, out there and people will run with it whether true or not. The perfect example is the Covington kids. I guarantee that even though the original narrative has been thoroughly debunked, there are still uninformed or totally brainwashed people that still believe it was a bunch of racist kids picking on an innocent old native American. And for only one reason, the fake story got out there first. AOC and the other justice democrats know exactly what they are doing. They are willing to take small hits, and a lot of them, as long as they achieve their ultimate goal.
  • Liam Middleton
    Liam Middleton 1 week ago Yes
  • Organisation XIV
    Organisation XIV 1 week ago Precisely.
  • Arthur Sprong
    Arthur Sprong 1 week ago @Leman Kurtz Never go full triple c
  • Arthur Sprong
    Arthur Sprong 1 week ago How can you claim that someone isn't doing enough to fix a problem that was inherited, while themselves they won't even make the effort to go take a picture. Being stupid can be attributed to the cards they've been dealt at birth, but there's no excuse for being lazy liars.
  • David Cox
    David Cox 1 week ago I swear they think this is still the 90s where they could lie about ahit that is easily accessible. I'm waiting for people to start bringing labtops to debates to bring up shit that people lie about in debates seriously it's 2019 it would be easy to call people's bullshit in real time
  • David Grover
    David Grover 1 week ago Nathan Coffey, Good Point.
  • Nathan Coffey
    Nathan Coffey 1 week ago They don't care that they get caught. The damage is already done. How many people saw it initially and just believed it? The only reason they retract is so they don't get into legal trouble.
  • robinchwan
    robinchwan 1 week ago @Valerie Pritt you could tell them they would be caught and they would still do it because they don't listen to anyone unless they hear what they want to hear
  • Leman Kurtz
    Leman Kurtz 1 week ago Caught caught. Like two division ufc champ champs.
  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose 1 week ago Lol so angry with trump that they keep having to claw back into the past to try and get him
  • John Podmolik
    John Podmolik 1 week ago They got caught by accident lol
  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz 1 week ago @B B well leftists choose ignorance
  • B B
    B B 1 week ago @Valerie Pritt no they thought we were stupid enough not to notice.
  • Frankie2012channel
    Frankie2012channel 1 week ago EXACTLY!!
  • Valerie Pritt
    Valerie Pritt 1 week ago Well said. They knew what they were doing. They were just stupid enough to believe they wouldn't be caught.
  • We Silent Many
    We Silent Many 1 week ago David Grover.......Twice
  • Lunatic Programmer
    Lunatic Programmer 1 week ago Tim: Im part of no tribe Also Tim: I will only ever vote for a democrat regardless of their trash domestic policies.
  • jack lumsden
    jack lumsden 6 days ago @Qwerty Bastard umm no. I've voted for both parties and over abstained when I thought appropriate. You arent bright, you arent special. Great chance you're a huge annoying pussy.
  • Qwerty Bastard
    Qwerty Bastard 1 week ago Lol You guys are idiots. Pots callin kettles black. You're all cucked.
  • jackhammerWT
    jackhammerWT 1 week ago Tims ashamed of being a closet populist nationalist....time to come out of the closet tim, it was hard for me but i feel so free now and unashamed.
  • the joshman
    the joshman 1 week ago its a joke that moderate dems like tim wont vote for the party that will protect free speech & the rule of law & all these things tim claims to support. maybe tim does want socialism since he wont vote for logic & reason.
  • Francois Ste-Marie
    Francois Ste-Marie 1 week ago You have a point
  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills 1 week ago He likes their domestic policy. Free Stuff for all!
  • Phillip Scott
    Phillip Scott 1 week ago Tim : " How hard is is to fact check?" Also Tim: " Trump mocked disabled person" Dude, be better!
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago @icemule Kudos to you. Being ANYTHING and an asshole. You're an asshole first. Something else after that.
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago @Justin White It's a fake news story from the get go.
  • icemule
    icemule 1 week ago I'm disabled, when did disabled assholes, start getting a free pass for being assholes?
  • Justin White
    Justin White 1 week ago Michael RedCrow sure, but trump claims to not know the guy had a disability. This is a reporter that mostly writes articles, there isn’t a real way to know about the disability just from hearing about his articles (let’s be honest, he probably hears about these articles via twitter and doesn’t actually read them)
  • Hunterzero
    Hunterzero 1 week ago @Michael RedCrow I would bet Tim would pull his punches for jim if he was in a wheelchair.
  • I'll do it
    I'll do it 1 week ago @Michael RedCrow true, if we could not point out the faults of the mentally disabled, then we would not be able to question the stupid shit leftists say is true.
  • Michael RedCrow
    Michael RedCrow 1 week ago Actually , being disabled is not and should not be some kind of barrier that is beyond reproach.One of the meanest s.o.b.'s i ever knew was in a wheelchair and he finally through mistreating people constantly managed to get his ass beat badly - by his own girlfriend, and no one blamed her a bit , anyone and everyone who knew him knew he had it coming. I guess what i'm saying is Jim Acosta for example, is a dick, and if he was disabled, he'd be still be a dick .
  • Thundermark Perun
    Thundermark Perun 1 week ago Tim: "how hard is it to fact-check?" Also Tim: repeats debunked claim of Trump specifically mocking a disabled reporter
  • Joel D
    Joel D 1 week ago Trump NEVER mocked that reporter’s disability. That’s been debunked for years.
  • Sench
    Sench 1 week ago @Qwerty Bastard I mean the urnalists have no problems attacking disabled people. It's all about wrongthink in the end.
  • Tin Damn
    Tin Damn 1 week ago Even if he did who gives a fuck? He works for the MSM and they'd use any minority or deformity in the book just to get rid of their political enemies.
  • Qwerty Bastard
    Qwerty Bastard 1 week ago Good on ya for better sentence structure. Some idiots round here claim he didn't mock him at all. NPCs the lot of em.
  • Peanut Butter
    Peanut Butter 1 week ago Trump wasn’t mocking the reporter for being disabled. That had been debunked, Tim.
  • Michael Woolhiser
    Michael Woolhiser 1 day ago No, I'm pretty sure Jim Acosta is disabled.
  • Jill Conner
    Jill Conner 3 days ago Even if he did who gives a fuck!
  • Nox Venit
    Nox Venit 1 week ago @Doc Comeau No, he didn't mock the report. His gesticulation is a typical one for him. He does it all the time.
  • Stephen Schaefer
    Stephen Schaefer 1 week ago @Doc Comeau "no it doesn't" Yes, it does. If Trump is not aware of the disability then he can't be "using it". If the crowd is not aware of the disability then there is no POINT to using it, because no one will understand the supposed reference. And again, the reporter is not spastic
  • Underwater
    Underwater 1 week ago Tim has bias against trump and doesn’t even realize it lol.
  • Atomic American
    Atomic American 1 week ago @Doc Comeau Well, I guess you're going to believe whatever you want to believe. You're one of those people that are so stuck in your way of thinking that no matter how much evidence anyone gives you you'll never change your mind. It's funny you mention flat earthers because if anyone here is reminiscent of them, it's you.
  • kurt lennon
    kurt lennon 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts This should clear it up for you
  • Anthony Ballmann
    Anthony Ballmann 1 week ago He wasn't mocking the reporter, in fact, he stated that he liked the reporter, and thought him as a "great man" in that VERY statement. He was mocking the Washington post, and talking about why the Washington post had deleted the reporter's article. has done that same thing when talking about many different people. He did the same thing when talking about Ted Cruz, and others. Look it up, he does the same "arm flail" many different times. The only thing Trump is guilty of here is being a terrible impressionist.
  • Doc Comeau
    Doc Comeau 1 week ago @Stephen Schaefer no it doesn't. That is intention not a physical action. Then physical action occurred regardless. You need to go back to school and take class on critical thought.
  • Doc Comeau
    Doc Comeau 1 week ago @Atomic American that's not the point. When it looks like you stabbing yourself when you speak that is disability. The only thing debunked was the ideaTrump did that no specifically and intentionally mock the man's disability. None of this changes the fact that Trump mocked a behavior related to the man's disability. To believe otherwise shows a lack of critical thought.
  • Stephen Schaefer
    Stephen Schaefer 1 week ago @Doc Comeau No, he didn't. The reporter is not spastic to begin with, so the two can't be lined up in any event. It also requires both Trump and everyone in attendance to know the exact reporter he's talking about and for all of them to be specifically aware of his disability (which, again, is not spastic).
  • Stephen Schaefer
    Stephen Schaefer 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts Right but they are accusing Trump of mocking him BECAUSE HE IS DISABLED. Which isn't accurate to begin with because Trump was twitching and flailing about and the reporter in question is not spastic. But they were accusing Trump of attacking the man's DISABILITY, not just attacking him in general. It is part of their narrative that Trump hates and tears down everyone not-like-him.
  • Doc Comeau
    Doc Comeau 1 week ago You guys believe the Earth is flat don't you?
  • Doc Comeau
    Doc Comeau 1 week ago @Eureka Hope there is video you stupid fucking moron. The debunked you speak of was just his intention that doesn't change the fact it happened. God damn we are doomed if its you people I have to look forward to fighting with to stop the coming leftist take over.
  • Atomic American
    Atomic American 1 week ago @Doc Comeau Ah! But that's not the guy's disability! His particular disability, I forget what it's called, actually makes him stiff! He has videos online, look him up! He actually stays very still most of the time because he has a hard time moving.
  • Nox Venit
    Nox Venit 1 week ago @TXDad22 That was debunked, immediately. Want a link?
  • Eureka Hope
    Eureka Hope 1 week ago YES! So sick of this urban legend perpetuated by MSM and leftists despite evidence to the contrary.
  • Diana Hortega
    Diana Hortega 1 week ago @Rose Quartz Nope, he did moked him but not because he was disabled. Look I supported the president too but if you think that he is above making fun of people then you clearly don't understand him. That is just the way he is and his and that doesn't change the fact that is important and necessary to this country.
  • Soulless Ginger
    Soulless Ginger 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts look up all the footage of him doing the same thing for non disabled people. It's just a weird twitching he does.
  • James Gall
    James Gall 1 week ago @Doc Comeau I guess you must not need any proof that Trump colluded with the Russians either ... because you have a television. I don't care for him mocking people in general. But the truth is, he does those mannerisms whenever he mocks anyone. Had nothing to do with that guy and his disability. But you saw him do it when talking about that reporter so... guess that's all you need to judge the man? Don't take any of our word for it. If you care about finding out the truth, then search "trump mocks reporter debunked" and THEN at least you'll have given him a fair assessment. May not change your mind, but it certainly will make you wonder what else the media has spoon fed down your throat.
  • Kevin Bonin
    Kevin Bonin 1 week ago Tim this horse has been dead for years. Beat your own meat if you must but leave that horse alone.
  • Alvaro C
    Alvaro C 1 week ago This is correct. Even DeFranco of all people reported this correctly back in the day Tim, get your act together.
  • Alex Dorian
    Alex Dorian 1 week ago @digitalhunter42  digitalhunter42  Lol, your are turning into a fanboy. I like Trump, but he is jerk. In fact I like him because of that. I prefer an honest jerk like Trump over a back staving dougebag any day. But you are in denial if you believe that Trump is actually nice to people. Sure MSM wants us to believe that he is the reicarnation of Hitler and that is bullshit. But Trump is not a pure and innocent sheep either and that is why I like him. So he moked a guy? Big friking deal.
  • S.C. U.M.
    S.C. U.M. 1 week ago @Stogie Guy Yeah. A punch in the gut is an understatement. A field grade officer told us "If you see that mother fucker, put an end to this immediately."
  • James Gall
    James Gall 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts We mean there's video of him doing that same thing when talking about a dozen other people who WEREN'T disabled. It had nothing to do with that reporters disability, it's just his impersonation of a person who doesn't know what they're talking about or trying to screw him around.
  • Stogie Guy
    Stogie Guy 1 week ago @S.C. U.M. you want to hear something, I had learned about Bowe and wanted to take action to help bring him home. I started speaking to those fighting on his behalf through online means and social media. I started petitions and helped others do it in other states to send to senators and Congress members. I had heard rumors about him and I willingly ignored them because I thought it was just people speaking poison about one of our military men. Then I found out the truth and when his unit and some who where on his search team came forward and went on the record to show he was a traitor it was like a punch in the gut.... I was floored! I felt I was helping out an American hero in the way I could and then found out what he really was and how they were covering it up. I can only imagine how you felt when you learned the same.... btw, thank you for your service
  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz 1 week ago @Hellstormangel no he didn't idiot you are giving yourself brain cancer by believing fake news lamestream media. You are debunked
  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts but you are wrong
  • patrick gardner
    patrick gardner 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts he was mocking him, but he wasn't mocking his disability, he mocks other people the same way.
  • Stogie Guy
    Stogie Guy 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts that is fine example you presented but you miss the fact that the media and his political opponents did not report that trump mocked a man who ended up being disabled. They reported the incident saying that he "mocked his disability" and that his intentions were to directly insult him due to his disability... and that dishonest reporting is what has been debunked.
  • TheDonofThoughts
    TheDonofThoughts 1 week ago @MrGenedancingmachine Rub your dick in broken glass faggot, what exactly do you find exemplary of me not thinking before I type? You sound like a fucking moron.
  • Jean Belmondo
    Jean Belmondo 1 week ago tim is a liar. a snake. yang and tulsi are pro illegal immigration..tim says, he is against it but slams obama for deporting illegals and loves yang and his tulsi. such a lying snake. tim pool is for illegal immigration and supports tulsi gabbard who shits on the 2nd amendment. tim says he loves america but pledging allegiance to america is silly in his opinion and burning the flag is ok for him too...such a patriot, guys. but hey for him executing murderers is horrible, but killing babies is somehow ok.
  • Brandie 82
    Brandie 82 1 week ago Listen im trump till i die,but tim mite get somethings wrong but tim puts his self out there i have seen him call out his on party for a while guys he even said the dems r crazy u got to respect em for telling the truth on shit antifa and his own party is doing but he is still a dem and has that right but he is the kind of Dem we need to come back that would rather have a civil debate not have a feelings fest and cry about there life and how its all whiteys fault.Or tell everyone they will give em free shit. Just cause he beleaves a little different dont make him the enemy .He has giving Trump props on alot of issues he is a dem that got demonatized for telling the truth so if u r a real Trump supporter then remember we dont need to beat a person or call em names that will never change a person to understand u it pushes them away look at the Dems there done cause of that no matter what the msm or Twitter says its a wrap for them.
  • Doc Comeau
    Doc Comeau 1 week ago I saw it with my own eyes. He mocked that reporter using his disability. I don't give a fuck about it but it really happened.
  • MrGenedancingmachine
    MrGenedancingmachine 1 week ago TheDonofThoughts why don’t you think before typing? How about making that a personal policy from here on out?
  • TheDonofThoughts
    TheDonofThoughts 1 week ago @Whiting and all the other people who responded, I mean again I dont think trump was mocking him because that's how he behaves about people in general when he's doing an impression of them. But it's basically the equivalent of me calling anyone I dislike retarded, and then one day one person that I call retarded turns out has autism or something. In my example I clearly didn't call him retarded because of the autism, but I still did call him retarded. I think the word debunked is just being misused, implying that the whole situation was fictional. It would make more sense if op had said "the reports that trump had mocked a disabled person were disingenuous and misconstrued"
  • The Other Cat
    The Other Cat 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts Why do you idiots try to spin the subject to use a unrelated fact to try and mean its proof of a separate claim? Do you retards still not get that everyone knows how to spot that sort of weak strawmanning and like plays at this point? I'm not saying you are willfully stupid, but given this post exists it sort of means you are. (<-- See how false equivalencies work?)
  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin 1 week ago @Hellstormangel Nope. Stop listening to Fake News. Trump made that same gesture for years BEFORE the disabled reporter came along. It was his way of saying the person or the question was dumb. Had nothing to do with a disability until the media claimed it was.
  • Mitchell Bilankov
    Mitchell Bilankov 1 week ago @Hellstormangel yes it was debunked Donald Trump uses those hand motions speaking about a lot of different things so it wasn't used in that context..
  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts Trump mocks people that way when he thinks they're being dumb or asking stupid questions. If you check it out, you'll see lots of videos of him making those exact same gestures for years before the disabled reporter came along. The media seized on that ONE time and exploited it to be that he was mocking the disabled. Just standard operating procedure for the media.
  • The Other Cat
    The Other Cat 1 week ago @Bill Datwahl Have you been to their comment sections lately? They are playing to be happy that the left end channels are now admitting to getting hit with the same view and ad throttling the center and right channels and more were well aware of and calling out weeks or a month or more ago. How in your face proud of their own willful arrogant self defeating stupidity can they get?
  • Whiting
    Whiting 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts By debunked, he means Trump wasn't mocking him for being disabled, there is video after video, hundreds of them of Trump doing the VERY SAME twitching movements when mocking everyone else. Trump did that twitching for everyone. It wasn't his disabled twitching, it was his flustered twitched.
  • TXDad22
    TXDad22 1 week ago Next up for re-debunking, "The fine people"
  • Bibek Adhikari
    Bibek Adhikari 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts lol, the video exists with the "actions", same actions are repeated while making shuttered impression of non disabled people around 10-15 times before that person, that's what they meant by debunked, as the person being disabled or otherwise made no difference to Trump
  • Robert Dølvik Sivertsen
    Robert Dølvik Sivertsen 1 week ago @TheDonofThoughts He has done "the idiot twitch" in relation to several other dumbass individuals!
  • The Joker
    The Joker 1 week ago He forgot to take his TDS pill today.
  • Hellstormangel
    Hellstormangel 1 week ago Geez, this comment section is cancer, it hasnt been debunked. Trump clearly mocked him, jeez, stop watching alex jones for news.
    NIKKI ZERO COOL 1 week ago Tim hates Trump but cannot deny how good he is, give up the tribalism Tim
  • S.C. U.M.
    S.C. U.M. 1 week ago @Stogie Guy I "woke up" in Afghanistan. I was looking for Bowe Bergdahl and reading the news about it. I realized the government and media were intentionally misleading the world when I still had 6 months left in Afghanistan. Thankfully this was before YT turned into what it is now and I was able to learn the truth about a lot of things the government and media lie about. Which is why everyone who doesn't like intentionally is being censored.
  • Swae Ocean
    Swae Ocean 1 week ago TheDonofThoughts - The video does exist.... but so do many videos of Trump doing the same exact thing when talking about other, non disabled, people.
  • The Skeptic Philosopher
    The Skeptic Philosopher 1 week ago Still, the fact that people believe it shows the power these lamestream corporation hold. They have changed how people perceive Trump, which was their goal.
  • Zenish Khumujam
    Zenish Khumujam 1 week ago Tim is a leftist trying hard to not be redpilled.
  • TheDonofThoughts
    TheDonofThoughts 1 week ago What exactly do you mean it's been debunked? I saw the video, i don't think it was mocking but rather imitating him to paint an accurate image, but some people thought the video was mocking. Are you claiming the video doesn't exist?
  • Stephen Chambers
    Stephen Chambers 1 week ago @Stogie Guy EXACTLY!!
  • x2dab184
    x2dab184 1 week ago Yeah. Tim, don't be fake news
  • Stogie Guy
    Stogie Guy 1 week ago This getting debunked was one of the things Brandon Straka says helped open his eyes to the mainstream media's lies and set him on the road to start #WalkAway
  • digitalhunter42
    digitalhunter42 1 week ago Tim! Trump DID NOT mock that disabled person!!! Trump is probably the only politician on the federal level who genuinely cares about real people.
  • LaLa Lucy
    LaLa Lucy 1 week ago I came here for this comment
  • Stevarooni
    Stevarooni 1 week ago Yep. That's his "Stupid idiot" twitching.
  • Patricia Putnam
    Patricia Putnam 1 week ago Been debunked since the day after they accused President Trump, wasn't it?
  • Bill Datwahl
    Bill Datwahl 1 week ago Seriously.. Tim’s getting his info from David packman again
  • vladviking
    vladviking 1 week ago Proof of how far a lie can go. Tim still doesn't know the whole Trump/disabled reporter story. Imagine what the totally clueless believe.
  • evoljellyfish 00
    evoljellyfish 00 1 week ago @DrianLord mind is FUCKING INSANE...
    I AM KURGAN 1 week ago Why would anyone, except a member of this marxist-atheist cult, believe anything they publish would be truthful.
  • asd
    asd 1 week ago Doesn't know? Or chooses to disregard reality. Tim thinks Trump is mean, he needs something to justify that.
  • Brandon F
    Brandon F 1 week ago Orange man bad!! He grabs women by the pussy! That's what the totally clueless think...
  • DrianLord
    DrianLord 1 week ago probably that he was being racist to a handicapped descendant of a slave, black lesbian transgender because he didn't call on her for a question at a press conference and therefore should be impeached.
  • Bradley Griffeth
    Bradley Griffeth 1 week ago #@TimPool the "Trump made fun of reporter with disabilities" was debunked completely. Google it,lol.
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago Don't even need to. I can provide the link.
  • Heyward Shepherd
    Heyward Shepherd 1 week ago Tim needs to lie a little just to keep his liberal credentials.
  • justaphasebizarre
    justaphasebizarre 1 week ago Tim, you go back and forth and never make a definite, determined, decisive statement! Plus you just lied about Trump mocking the handicapped! get a grip Tim!
  • Magister Ludi
    Magister Ludi 1 week ago He's a tease and denial specialist. He gags and chokes on that red pill but he never gives total satisfaction. Keeps u coming back for more.
  • ValorJ Omega
    ValorJ Omega 1 week ago @Angry Shamrock Kinda like batwoman's actress who is gender fluid?
  • Angry Shamrock
    Angry Shamrock 1 week ago Tim's opinions are consistently fluid.
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne 1 week ago Don’t want kids separated from their parents?? Simple solution: DEPORT THEM TOGETHER!!!!
  • Amber Hoke
    Amber Hoke 1 day ago @Stephen Walker "Might be" as opposed to definitely are.
  • ValorJ Omega
    ValorJ Omega 1 week ago @Level one goblin Then remove their citizen ship if their parents are here by ilegal means. Problem solved.
  • Level one goblin
    Level one goblin 1 week ago Can't if the kids are naturalized citizens.
  • Stephen Walker
    Stephen Walker 1 week ago Maybe the parents shouldn't be bringing their kids with them when breaking laws. The parents might even be using them as legal human shields, as if laws are allowed to be broken when children are present.
  • Fortune and glory.
    Fortune and glory. 1 week ago Whoa, Tim. Trump didn't mock a disabled man. That was totally debunked and very soon after the video came out.
  • Chris Tifer
    Chris Tifer 5 days ago @Brian Olivieri I don't know how true that is. He did the motion... He just didn't do it because of the guy's disability.
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago @Kos_m Same mannerisms a YEAR before that reporter was even thought of.
  • R D
    R D 1 week ago Huh.
  • Kos_m
    Kos_m 1 week ago @Brian Olivieri He did make fun of a handicapped man, but not because he was handicapped, and he didn't reference the disability at all. We need to make sure we're 100% honest if we expect the lefties to be
  • Brian Olivieri
    Brian Olivieri 1 week ago @RazgrizWing I don't care to prove it, I know the truth.
  • RazgrizWing
    RazgrizWing 1 week ago @Zenmasterme Jesus christ I was curious as I had believed that Trump did in fact make fun of a disabled person. Calm the fuck down.
  • RazgrizWing
    RazgrizWing 1 week ago (edited) @Brian Olivieri Yes it is. You are not going to prove a point you are trying to convey to a person if you just tell them to look it up.
  • ihavenonameforyou1
    ihavenonameforyou1 1 week ago Tim is a far left person are you surprised? He can say he is center left but from the left of Obama is far left period.
  • Brian Olivieri
    Brian Olivieri 1 week ago @RazgrizWing No it's not! I was disgusted by Trump because of this so I took 15 minutes of my time, my due diligence, to find out the truth. Anybody can find the truth, and in this case it's quite easy to find. The media lied again with this, no surprise there.
  • RazgrizWing
    RazgrizWing 1 week ago @Jim Klopfer Wow, holy shit.
  • RazgrizWing
    RazgrizWing 1 week ago @Brian Olivieri If you are trying educate a person. It is up to you to provide the sources and proof.
  • Zenmasterme
    Zenmasterme 1 week ago RazgrizWing Interesting? I guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will believe anything that an NPC talking head Cult of Personality tells you to believe!! Please tell me what I’m supposed be triggered about today!! I want my participation trophy 🏆 Did you know I’m a gold-medalist🥇 winning Oppression Olympian!! Damn Brov! You need to start thinking for yourself! Question Everything!!! I never forget, Tim Tool is a Gargantuan DumbAsś!
  • Brian Olivieri
    Brian Olivieri 1 week ago Trump DID Not make fun of a handicapped man! This is an absolute lie, look it up and get the facts.
  • slidetek
    slidetek 1 week ago Someday in the future, there will be a global database with information, text, photos, video etc. And there'll be a way to search this massive database, by using something called "keywords" using a "search engine". It will be easy to use, and available to most people on a computer device that can not only fit on a desktop, but maybe even in the pocket! So, anybody that's even remotely curious about the narrative they're being fed, can search to verify if it's true. Sure, that's years if not decades away, but... what? What is this google thing of which you speak?
  • Millennial Opinions
    Millennial Opinions 1 week ago @occ upied Yup! Definitely appreciate Tim's hammer he threw @ big tech, but some of his commentary is gag worthy lol!
  • occ upied
    occ upied 1 week ago @Millennial Opinions for sure after this video I am seeing a snake or wolf in sheep hat.
  • Millennial Opinions
    Millennial Opinions 1 week ago This is why YT shares Tim's videos and not mine LOL
  • achiando raymond
    achiando raymond 1 week ago Everyday I learn something👍🏿👍🏿
  • occ upied
    occ upied 1 week ago that reporter is not a victim he back stabbed trump I would have mocked the arshole for what he did. Some "disabled" use it to garner people to support them. Trump don't play that game
  • Jim Klopfer
    Jim Klopfer 1 week ago @RazgrizWing Do a search, I was surprised as well, here is a short one,
  • crzy J
    crzy J 1 week ago @RazgrizWing its everywhere out there. Just look for it.
  • RazgrizWing
    RazgrizWing 1 week ago Interesting, can you show me?
  • Sue Scaccia
    Sue Scaccia 1 week ago Anti-war? How many wars has Trump started? Your colors are showing.
  • jack lumsden
    jack lumsden 6 days ago @MaskinistN lol sure.
  • Spike Razzor
    Spike Razzor 1 week ago @I'll do it Off-white male. Lol.
  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN 1 week ago @Gregory Dale Maxfield Why are you so defensive over this? America is gonna invade any day now and that's my view.
  • Gregory Dale Maxfield
    Gregory Dale Maxfield 1 week ago @MaskinistN explain invading Iran, give evidence
  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN 1 week ago @11DNA11 he hasn't ended any war. He "pulled out" of one and is keeping the secret war in Yemen going and is on the verge of invading Iran.
  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN 1 week ago @I'll do it do you honestly believe in the chemical weapon meme?
  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 1 week ago @MaskinistN USA was already at war in there before Trump took office. He's ENDED 2 wars. Started 0. First US President in a LONG time who hasn't started a single war.
  • Tin Damn
    Tin Damn 1 week ago @I'll do it Isn't the chemical attack fake after seeing a reporter stupidly sniffed the chemical coated bag?
  • I'll do it
    I'll do it 1 week ago @MaskinistN A attack, one that was a slap on the wrist when they used chemical weapons, and he told them beforehand that it was going to happen. you do this and we will do this, so stop doing that. and they stopped. it was a one off and you retards keep trying to talk as if he is like obama who destroyed entire countries illegally.
  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN 1 week ago Your colours are showing as well. I get a feeling you're purposefully ignoring that Trump has ordered missile attacks on Syria.
  • I'll do it
    I'll do it 1 week ago but he is a white male, so him working to end wars is way worse than democrats starting wars.
  • Neon Hombré
    Neon Hombré 1 week ago The children wouldn’t be there if the dumb “parents” didn’t bring them in the first place FFS
  • Amber Hoke
    Amber Hoke 1 day ago @Sench Sex slavery as well..
  • Sench
    Sench 1 week ago It's been proven that a lot of those children are being trafficked so illegals can enter on false claims. But you won't hear that on NPC news.
  • Endoptic
    Endoptic 1 week ago @Suzi Monkey They got in trouble for doing exactly that.
  • Suzi Monkey
    Suzi Monkey 1 week ago TheSnoopyclone Do they check that they are actually the parents of the children they bring to the border?
  • TheSnoopyclone
    TheSnoopyclone 1 week ago Neon Hombré those kids might be kidnapped.
  • Angry Shamrock
    Angry Shamrock 1 week ago 10 years in jail mandatory for any adult dragging a child thru the desert. Child endangerment. So simple to fix.
  • d3lsl0w
    d3lsl0w 1 week ago Even Tim falls for fake news sometimes. Please take the time to research the "mock" disabled reporter story.
  • MBFLA45
    MBFLA45 4 days ago He knows it's not true... he just hopes you don't.
  • Saddle Tramp
    Saddle Tramp 1 week ago You do realize that Trump "mocking the reporter" was the reason Brandon Straka started the WalkAway movement right? You're doing exactly what the MSM does. You're being dishonest when you say he mocked a handicapped reporter. That's just NOT TRUE. Trump didn't even know he was handicapped and he made gestures that he's made many times talking about many people. And I see here in the comments that I'm not the only one to be upset over this. I'm not asking for an apology, I'm just asking you to dig a little deeper to find the truth.
  • Saddle Tramp
    Saddle Tramp 1 week ago @Red Rocket Touché. An apology would be nice. I'm so tired of hearing Trump mocked a handicapped man. Just tired.
  • Saddle Tramp
    Saddle Tramp 1 week ago @Some Dandy I have a feeling that his visit to the Whitehouse will soften his stance on the President a bit. Like someone, dislike someone, you can't help but be awestruck in a situation like that I'm sure. And being among others who love and support the President, who see him through entirely different lenses, may open his mind up just a little bit more. Tim's a smart guy, but he still has a pretty bad case of TDS.
  • Some Dandy
    Some Dandy 1 week ago @Saddle Rramp - Sadly enough, Tim's upheld that line a lot of times. It's in his arsenal/laundry list whenever he talks about the things he doesn't like about Trump. My only hope is that the Lefties who watch/stumble on this channel will find that agreeable, and maybe that can bridge the gap between "Tim's a Right-wing Nazi 'cause the MSM wouldn't lie!" and "Tim's reasonable. He hates Trump, yet he objectively sees good in the administration."
  • Red Rocket
    Red Rocket 1 week ago I'm asking for an apology. Tim fix your crap.
  • Miro Heiskanen
    Miro Heiskanen 1 week ago It hurt itself in its confusion.
  • Miro Heiskanen
    Miro Heiskanen 1 week ago Boofer T. Washington we lookin good next year!
  • Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber
    Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber 1 week ago 3. No, it is not just because we like Trump to be rude, Tim! Trolling is a lot MORE than being rude. It involves something called HUMOR. Which unfortunately left wingers do not have. If trump didn't use humor to troll, he would not be interesting. TIM! And humor again invovles reality. It is NOT just mocking. For Leftists: Learn to code. And for christ sake learn to MEME
  • Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber
    Muhammad was a pedophile caravan robber 1 week ago Two comments for Tim: 1. No Trump did NOT mocjk a jornalist for his disabilities. That is a lie, which has been debunked MANY times now. He treated that journalist EXACTLY like he treated anyone else he made fun of. You can see him using the SAME hand gesture on MANY others. TIM!!! 2. Democrats use gender, race and sexual orientation to fill in positions, and conservatives use meritocracy. THIS is why democrats are making mistakes all the time. They are NOT getting the best, when they focus on race, gender and sexual orientation instead of actual merits! ...and conservatives ARE.
  • werewolf873
    werewolf873 1 week ago @Romulas Ex zim
  • Gromph Baenre
    Gromph Baenre 1 week ago May I offer you a berry?
  • Mike Powers
    Mike Powers 1 week ago @N45441 or it gets the hose again
  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz 1 week ago TDS and nefarious actors are a potent cocktail for the propagandized and bamboozled teevee watchers...Shame on corporate owned fake news...shame
  • MNorbert
    MNorbert 1 week ago triggered lol
  • Boofer T. Washington
    Boofer T. Washington 1 week ago Go Stars!
  • The Other Cat
    The Other Cat 1 week ago And it was very very smug and proud of it anyway.
  • N45441
    N45441 1 week ago It rubs the lotion on its skin.
  • KingWarhammer95
  • Darkangael
    Darkangael 1 week ago Lol
  • Mid-Atlantic Gaming
    Mid-Atlantic Gaming 1 week ago Top comment here
  • Ray Pimienta
    Ray Pimienta 1 week ago wild Democrat fled!
  • John the Savage
    John the Savage 1 week ago @Poes Law Can't tell if you're serious or just kidding.
  • remy foster
    remy foster 1 week ago got me gigglin'
  • Poes Law
    Poes Law 1 week ago I would've written my own comment, but this says everything much better than I could.
  • Romulas Ex
    Romulas Ex 1 week ago @Menaceblue3 zer
  • Menaceblue3
    Menaceblue3 1 week ago Prof. Elm: First, are you a boy or a girl?
  • bckelly23
    bckelly23 1 week ago Excellent rookie season.
  • Trey Sikes
    Trey Sikes 1 week ago GG, mate
  • DemonLord OTRT
    DemonLord OTRT 1 week ago It was super effective
  • TMagicW
    TMagicW 1 week ago You list a bunch of things you don't like about Gabbard but yet you "really like her"?? That's called a crush, buddy.
  • jrc3
    jrc3 1 week ago Coconut mommy milkers.
  • Blake Cook
    Blake Cook 1 week ago TMagicW ol’ Tim’s heart is fluttering
  • Mark Uhler
    Mark Uhler 1 week ago @TMagicW for 20 yrs I've had to vote for Republicans that only lined up on a few policies for what I was looking for, some more some less. I can't remember any of my liberal friends/family saying on D candidates 'I don't like this or that but am still supporting him'. It's good to hear that it happens.
  • StayinOnePiece
    StayinOnePiece 1 week ago @TMagicW Because she's a Democrat, Tim is still holding out hope for the revival of the sane Left. It's too late, the infection has spread too far; we'll need to amputate at the very least.
  • TMagicW
    TMagicW 1 week ago @Francois Ste-Marie lol that's not what I said. I'm saying he only agrees with a few of her standpoints & disagrees with several more. How can you "really like" someone if you mostly DISAGREE with them? That doesn't make sense. At best you could say she's "meh"
  • Francois Ste-Marie
    Francois Ste-Marie 1 week ago If you can't find flaws or things you disagree with about your favorite politician, it's because you are not looking hard enough. Maybe because, deep down, you don't want to.
  • TMagicW
    TMagicW 1 week ago @B B & he says he can't stand the tribalism. smh
  • B B
    B B 1 week ago But mentions a bunch of fake news reasons he doesnt like trump and says he wont vote for him... yet im supposed to believe him when he says hes not tribal. A robot that doesnt think its a robot is even more dangerous than a robot.
  • EBE
    EBE 1 week ago Tim “I’m center left” Pool, is not actually center anything. He’s far left. Just not as far left as the Dems today.
  • Forrest Martin
    Forrest Martin 1 week ago @EBE I have, multiple ones. Depending on how the questions are weighted, I go fall anywhere on mid-libertarian line from mid-left to mid-right. Generally falling into the Centrist Libertarian camp. Although my opinions on marrage, the death penalty, nationalism, and religion are outside that area.
  • EBE
    EBE 1 week ago @Forrest Martin Take a political compass test.
  • Forrest Martin
    Forrest Martin 1 week ago @EBE I did not say it was a stable or sustainable position, or even one without internal contradiction. But going off of what he says, it it where he aims for in his views or at least where they generally converge. But I doubt anyone has a single point on the political compass that covers all of their political opinions. I know I do not.
  • EBE
    EBE 1 week ago @Forrest Martin "Center-libertarian far-left" is not a thing. Once you get so far in either direction you become authoritarian. He is authoritarian on some issues. When you say we should have public healthcare, that is inherently authoritarian because you are literally forcing everyone too pay for something that only benefits some. Making people do things they don't want to is pretty authoritarian.
  • Forrest Martin
    Forrest Martin 1 week ago He is center-libertarian far-left. As compared to the authoritarian left Democrats, or hard-authoritarian far-laft Social Democrats.
  • NPC Blacksmith
    NPC Blacksmith 1 week ago Tim is a bad guy larping as a good guy.
  • KungFury
    KungFury 1 week ago Tim must have renewed his cable subscription - he's been spewing a lot of false "facts" again. Get it together Tim.
  • Ashley Ames
    Ashley Ames 1 week ago Has Tulsi Gabbard condemned the Antifa attack on Andy Ngo ? If she hasn't, then she is as bad as the rest.
  • Justin White
    Justin White 1 week ago The only one I know who gave any sort of comment was Biden (who denounced). Everyone else didn’t reply. That may have changed that I haven’t heard about though.