Samsung Galaxy Note 10 surfaces in leaked photo

Published on Jul 11, 2019 59,330 views
review Reyesg8motorola

You didn't think Samsung would be able to keep its next phone under wraps, did you?

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  • Wednesday
    Wednesday 1 week ago "Welcome to 2013" - Sony
  • ColtsFan4Life 35
    ColtsFan4Life 35 6 days ago I just got a Note 9 two weeks ago. I love it. I'm not really feeling the Note 10.
  • dyllen1907
    dyllen1907 4 days ago How much I'm paying for the Note 9, should make no difference for the Note 10 Plus.
  • Razer Blade
    Razer Blade 1 week ago i will keep s10 plus baby please
  • patrick baitmen
    patrick baitmen 1 week ago I don't know if it's because theres always something new in the tech world (though the last one isn't that old) or that I'm getting old or maybe I just don't care anymore but when something new comes out I click out if habit and not excitement.
  • FBI
    FBI 1 week ago (edited) No headphone jack? What? The phone looks beautiful, but I guess I'll be sticking with my trusty Note 9.
  • Andrew Gonick
    Andrew Gonick 1 week ago That makes all my other headsets obsolete
  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 1 week ago Theres a render that shows that the note 10 comes with a new version of wireless buds
  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 1 week ago I'm keeping my s10+ which I luv. And it has the headphone jack. I still can't believe Samsung would remove it? Boo, boo!
  • Sahil Pethe
    Sahil Pethe 1 week ago Usbc to analog. Get over it.
  • GenSul
    GenSul 1 week ago @David Martrano Really? $400 headphones with Neodymium Magnets? Lol sure oldie
  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 1 week ago @GenSul yes I'm an old timer but my wired headphones still sound better than any bluetooth wireless ones!
  • GenSul
    GenSul 1 week ago This is where my $400 gaming headphones come to good use. Enjoy your tangled up wires old timer
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 1 week ago @PSYCHO so you want them to remove the s pen? thats kind of dumb lmao the whole point of the note is the s pen lol just because the rocket propeller holds tons of weight doesnt mean they will just ditch it to make space for an extra passanger smh you are dumb boi
    PSYCHO 1 week ago @maldita peppas Which is hypocritical because they accommodate space for a long S-pen but not a damn headphone jack???
  • maldita peppas
    maldita peppas 1 week ago they need space lol they need to fit more battery somehow
  • Me Just Me
    Me Just Me 1 week ago Anybody notice the date says 7-11-09 in the intro?
  • Me Just Me
    Me Just Me 1 week ago @Nine2Nine LOL.
  • Nine2Nine
    Nine2Nine 1 week ago I understand what your trying to say. Seven plus eleven is eighteen.. Eighteen divided by nine is two. Add one and you have three. Three points in a triangle, Illuminati confirmed..
  • seth last name
    seth last name 1 week ago they probably meant 7-11-19
  • Update News
    Update News 1 week ago R.i.p headphone jacks
  • Night Wing 16
    Night Wing 16 1 week ago Note 10??
  • adam forbes
    adam forbes 1 week ago (edited) Been buying these phones for basically very minimal new features and a huge price tag...but works good and is a solid phone....other than the explodey one they sold me twice.
    PSYCHO 1 week ago (edited) No headphone jack, NO BUY!!! S10+ here I come!!!
  • Dowa Yigu
    Dowa Yigu 1 week ago S10 plus will be cheaper .... ouuuu yeah
  • Sahil Pethe
    Sahil Pethe 1 week ago @Marco Polo no point in explaining. People like op are a lost cause and have a sad reason for existing if they think like this.
  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 1 week ago headphone jack converter type c
  • bay area415
    bay area415 1 week ago my note 9 is still beasting
  • FalconPUNCHXXX
    FalconPUNCHXXX 1 week ago Headphone Jack? I'm getting S10+
  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 1 week ago Theres a render that shows the note 10 comes with new wireless buds
  • Leonell Cawayan
    Leonell Cawayan 1 week ago Yep.
  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 1 week ago Okay 👍
  • Rose Phoenix
    Rose Phoenix 1 week ago The future is always to have a brighter day of a Sunday of a new-look about it but it is seems not like it is feel like it is deja vu again just like cell phones like somewhere in the present and the future what are the colors of a of the the covers but a cell phone like it looks Gray some day that a Samsung data of a of a of a new the announcement like what happen if the customers want something of their own choosing colors of their own cell phones from the outside of the cover and choose any of coloring designs and specially that how you said something unique coming out in for the drawings into the a reality or with your half of a dream come true it going to happen but if some someone they could do better like this it could be of a new Revolution of a of the customers that I Y color logo what kind of coloring by kind of graphic of a design for the outside for the phone it could happen you know but only time will tell for the future
  • Lifegoson 1
    Lifegoson 1 1 week ago (edited) Hope LG next year can beat Samsung because really what can Samsung bring that new next year if LG can fix all the bad things of there v and g phones the have a beast of a phone and if the wood bring back the removable battery that be a big deal but I know that won't happen
  • Kenneth Tay
    Kenneth Tay 1 week ago Give us the headphone jack. Please.
  • Sahil Pethe
    Sahil Pethe 1 week ago Use usbc to analog please and stop bitching about non existent problems
  • gabriel wyvern
    gabriel wyvern 1 week ago Sumsung took it away and replaced it with thunderbolt 3 and usb type c earbuds instead of being like apple and think about MONEY MONEY 💰 💰$$$ instead they replace it with a more 2019 like thing instead of a 1986 type deal plus i dont like wired headphones
  • Nova Biscuit
    Nova Biscuit 1 week ago makes me wanna "Leak" all over them 🤤👀💢🤦💦💧
  • BatterySonic
    BatterySonic 1 week ago Don't care too much for the curved edge
  • AJ F
    AJ F 6 days ago It's been like that for a long time now