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9 of my favourite tips for taking better portraits photos.

Topics covered:
1. Trust your gut feelings
2. Make the eyes your focus
3. The background
4. Lighting
5. Posing your subject
6. Learn to not care
7. Best portrait lenses — which lens to choose
8. Know the law (I give specific advise for UK law, check the laws in your own country)
9. Taking your time

I was inspired to make this after reading 'Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs of People' by Henry Carroll. This is a great book and I highly recommend it. Buy it here:

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  • Md. Arshad
    Md. Arshad 1 year ago your eyes are distracting me anyway what's this video about
  • Bryan Keller
    Bryan Keller 1 week ago It's about more important and valuable things than your senseless and worthless attention
  • GreenRC24
    GreenRC24 1 week ago Creepy as fuck!
  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 2 weeks ago I felt like I was being Glamoured by a vampire.
  • Odo Choi
    Odo Choi 1 month ago I KNOW RIGHT
  • Johan Smolinski
    Johan Smolinski 1 month ago Guys, you’re really focusing on the right things, aren’t you.
  • Mapache x
    Mapache x 1 month ago it´s a good video but jesus fuck! those eyes creep me out
  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 2 months ago
  • Kees Kouwenberg
    Kees Kouwenberg 2 months ago Ring lights should be forbidden in portrait photography!
  • Kurt Ozan
    Kurt Ozan 3 months ago @Marc Telesha What's rule number 2?
  • touchtapgo
    touchtapgo 4 months ago Md. Arshad that ring light. I thought about the distracting eye light about 5 times during the video.
  • N D
    N D 4 months ago Beautiful eyes on this man
  • Neil Spector
    Neil Spector 5 months ago Darn cycelorama lights. It's like a soap opera. Makes his pupils look totally dilated.
  • john bean
    john bean 5 months ago they make me uncomfortable
  • Salted fish
    Salted fish 6 months ago And they are way too blue
  • Scott Dance
    Scott Dance 6 months ago I always thought ring lights make people look like they’re possessed.
  • kwl
    kwl 6 months ago Noticed that right away. He should follow his own advice and put the light off to the side.
  • Vijay Aditya Chaudhary
    Vijay Aditya Chaudhary 9 months ago (edited) hahahah....i thought i'm the only one
  • jjaylad
    jjaylad 9 months ago Totally agree. To me, ring lights shouldn't be used for blodding.
  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 year ago I had to put my phone down and couldn’t watch
  • umac76
    umac76 1 year ago They distracted me for about the first minute.
  • Marc Telesha
    Marc Telesha 1 year ago Ring lights are great but what they do to eyes drives me crazy. You break Rule #2 with ring lights.
  • CallMeLexis
    CallMeLexis 1 year ago That transition in the beginning was smooth like butter
  • that guy
    that guy 10 months ago I thought I was the only one like shit that was smooth
  • Michael Hubert
    Michael Hubert 1 year ago seriously that freaking awesome..... i'm like holy sh*t
  • Ron Leo
    Ron Leo 1 year ago Simple cut but it was sick XD
  • Quentin Stafford-Fraser
    Quentin Stafford-Fraser 1 year ago Yes, I went back and watched it at half speed to see what happened :-) lovely.
  • Jamie Windsor
    Jamie Windsor 1 year ago Thanks. It’s just a simple cut. I’m surprised how effective it came out.
  • ImaginebySzP
    ImaginebySzP 1 year ago I must say... I really love your philosophy.
  • Alexander Pina
    Alexander Pina 8 months ago ImaginebySzP what part of the video did you like the most?
  • Hatham Al-Shabibi
    Hatham Al-Shabibi 1 year ago In a sea of videos rife with gear and technical elitism, this video is a gem. It reminds us of why photography is such a powerful form of art, it reminds us of the story and intuition we so passionately want to explore. Thank you!
  • j1234
    j1234 1 week ago Absolutely. While technical aspects of photography is important, it makes me cringe when I see "photographers" that are obsessed with gears.
  • bboyswoosh87
    bboyswoosh87 1 year ago I love that you post pictures from different photographers.
  • Jr & Chris
    Jr & Chris 3 months ago v nk.f v gvjdb li vzxk vkbcvjk acbask cjisbnuicNLK BCjhabhvc xbjkc v gsbhv hscuhbhdbxliviBcvs;vf.kbv;iaiv dbayifbdlivfclyervf wb feas djxc dsu cfuhlVFLcasfbyisvfsh ycvsyu fuw me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Manu Shapopi
    Manu Shapopi 1 year ago "A smile is a mask, Wait for it to drop. Find a truer representation of them" Last wedding shoot I did, as soon as the smile dropped both the bribe and groom looked angry/grumpy, hmmm I wonder why?😂😜
  • Hooray for Pentax!
    Hooray for Pentax! 4 months ago I only wish I could get away with it just to capture the resultant expressions, but no, it would be a terrible thing to say at any wedding (or at any other time, frankly).
  • SuperSF100
    SuperSF100 4 months ago @Hooray for Pentax! Tell me you didn't say this to someone. xD
  • ACID
    ACID 5 months ago (edited) Arranged marriage i presume
    TFL STUDIO 5 months ago Weddings are really stressful!! Most times the bride & groom just want the day to be over so they can relax and consummate, rather than being paraded around and forced to smile. Lol.
  • isbl31
    isbl31 8 months ago Wedding are commercial photography not freelance. In commercial portraits there should be smiles unless it fashion or something like that. But yes who wants a grumpy, angry wedding.
  • dylan foley
    dylan foley 8 months ago they were just pissed that you were taking so long to take a picture when they had so much to do on their big day ....idiot
  • Hooray for Pentax!
    Hooray for Pentax! 10 months ago "You've given your heart, soul and genitalia to this man; how does that make you feel?" :-D Top Ten things not to say at a wedding.
  • Hunt the Bay
    Hunt the Bay 1 year ago ugh, brides just want normal pics of them smiling and looking beautiful, it's hard to catch them in a moment when they're not stressed out or anxious if they know they're being photographed lolol