5 tips to INSTANTLY up your PHOTO GAME

Published on Dec 23, 2016 2,536,960 views
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What's up guys!

Today, I'm sharing 5 easy tips that you can use right away to start taking better photos. No extra gear required, just a bit of thought and about 10 extra seconds of your time!

Start implementing some of these steps and you will rapidly improve your photo taking skills. Suitable for any camera!

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Camera : Canon 1DX MK2
Lens : Canon 24mm 1.4MK2, 70-200 2.8 MK2 IS, 100MM macro 2.8
Software: Premiere Pro
Music : Epidemic
Mic : Rode -Video Pro / Senheiser Lavs

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  • Andris Erglis
    Andris Erglis 9 months ago 1. Angles 2. Shoot through something 3. Think opposite 4. Lighting 5. Framing
  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 1 month ago (edited) Be careful your photos might turn up like shit
  • Braeden Berglund
    Braeden Berglund 1 month ago Thank you!!
  • Mental Treats
    Mental Treats 2 months ago Andris Erglis 6 Do whatever you want
  • Allen X
    Allen X 2 months ago 6.Boobies
  • Kermit
    Kermit 5 months ago Youse the MVP. ☻
  • space_drifter
    space_drifter 2 years ago Dude is lowkey advertising the deck of cards.
  • Izaya Orihara
    Izaya Orihara 1 week ago i almost wrote same thing
  • Welcomedcompany 101
    Welcomedcompany 101 1 month ago space_drifter Iv been playing bullshit with my friends and it’s so fun!!
  • M. Smith
    M. Smith 2 months ago He reminds me of Chris Ramsay
  • magicD_drummaguy
    magicD_drummaguy 2 months ago I mean ex rhythm guitarist guitarist not bassist lol
  • magicD_drummaguy
    magicD_drummaguy 3 months ago He’s advertising the ex bass player of Box Car Racer and Angels & Airwaves coffee shop
  • AbuLaban
    AbuLaban 11 months ago hahahahah
  • Calatrava -
    Calatrava - 1 year ago Kevin Start yeah i know i know
  • Kevin Start
    Kevin Start 1 year ago Calatrava Philippe Magnussen He used to be a magician
  • Calatrava -
    Calatrava - 1 year ago Vishan Desilva yeah he looks more like a magician than a photographer
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    Cassidy Schell 1 year ago space_drifter I
  • Kevin Start
    Kevin Start 1 year ago space_drifter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Vishan Desilva
    Vishan Desilva 1 year ago he use to be a magician, just letting you know.
  • Daniel Takawi
    Daniel Takawi 1 year ago space_drifter lol
  • Kevanbh
    Kevanbh 2 years ago I subscribed because I love the rapid-fire advice. There are a lot of channels that share great advice on how to be a photographer but they usually take forever to get to the point.
  • Lady Ghirahim
    Lady Ghirahim 1 year ago Mango Street is great for photography tutorials that don’t waste your time. Like that’s literally their pitch and their vids are rad af
  • Mr Fulcrum
    Mr Fulcrum 1 year ago Kevanbh glad im not the only one who noticed lol Those vids are annoying esp when they talk about how they dyed their hair or where they got their new tshirt and stuffs lmao
  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon 2 years ago Kevan BH I hear that! Thank you!
  • CDM
    CDM 9 months ago 1:14 i see what you did there... shoot the people in the forest
  • Dutchess Carniege Gordon
    Dutchess Carniege Gordon 1 month ago @CDM. lol yes he did
  • S β€’
    S β€’ 2 years ago I shoot trough condoms. No one else is doing it #SubSquad
  • ImaGiraffe
    ImaGiraffe 2 weeks ago genius!
  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 1 month ago I shoot through walls
  • Kermit
    Kermit 5 months ago You shoot like a younger man... with nothing held back... Admirable but mistaken...
  • KathehFit
    KathehFit 1 year ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Peter Denisov
    Peter Denisov 1 year ago JustNYC β€’ killed it!)))
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    Jason Tan 1 year ago Wts
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    Stephen Edgerton 2 years ago You must have alot of kids lol
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    Christopher Gongora 2 years ago gonna try used ones and I'll send you the results
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    Keith Mhundwa 2 years ago JustNYC β€’ that would be a protected filter
  • S β€’
    S β€’ 2 years ago Love your videos actually helps πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon 2 years ago JustNYC β€’ LOL
  • Fussy Lawn Care
    Fussy Lawn Care 2 years ago Coffee shop photo was beeeewdiful...
  • Roland Austria
    Roland Austria 4 months ago Also, the lens used was perfect. I mean, I use a Fuji 35mm and it gets the same style because it emulates the closest field-of-view of a human eye.
  • AugustΔ— Daul
    AugustΔ— Daul 5 months ago Brewtiful
  • Nadine K.
    Nadine K. 11 months ago "Hell it could be shit too" haha keepin it real
  • Guy Trahan
    Guy Trahan 6 months ago I'm still laughing at that one ... and the vid is over. ha ha ha ha ha!!!
  • Nicola Crowhurst
    Nicola Crowhurst 9 months ago This was a bummer for me, because I wanted to use the video in a classroom.
  • Wanderlust
    Wanderlust 2 years ago These tips are golden! You Sir just earned yourself a new subscriber ;)
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    Los Caidos, Inc. 9 months ago felt exactly the same way and subscribed!
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    Piringo LaHardee 1 year ago Wanderlust aww... are you gon suc his deck too?
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    Devon Rai 1 year ago Same
  • Blanca Walker
    Blanca Walker 1 year ago I'm beginner in photography and your tips are amazing! Very easy to and clear to understand. New subscriber. Thank you it really makes me understand alot more about photography! Keep up the great work.
  • Sebastian Binny
    Sebastian Binny 1 year ago VMSULTHAN NOO!
    VMSULTHAN 1 year ago hey, can you tell me what is the music genre, that he used in this video as background music ? pls....
  • pdebie1982
    pdebie1982 2 years ago In short: think before you shoot ;)
  • Kevin Start
    Kevin Start 1 year ago pdebie1982 every photography video ever!!! And that just goes to show that people needs to be reminded
  • The WiZZiE
    The WiZZiE 2 years ago pdebie1982 and this video tell you what to think.
  • Christopher Gongora
    Christopher Gongora 2 years ago pdebie1982 exactly I always look at photography like fishing I mainly do street photography I'll hang around a spot for a good while just to get what I was after or wait more to see if there's more to come
  • Work Space
    Work Space 2 years ago videos hack for reflex and photo in my channel :) SUBSCRIBE
  • Yadhu Gopal
    Yadhu Gopal 2 years ago (edited) Why don't you have more subscribers? Seriously man, the content is crisp, neat and to the point. You deserve better. Subscribed. Btw, just entered the photography game, your videos are a huge help, and love the way you present :)
  • pdebie1982
    pdebie1982 2 years ago at least! Totally agree with you. Shooting film makes you think twice about clicking the shutter button. I've got an old 6x6 film camera with no automatic controls, lightmetering or whatever. The first time pressing the shutter was scary. Did I waste a piece of film? Or does it come out nicely. Luckily the first photo was only a bit underexposed, but the rest was pretty nice. I love shooting film. :)
  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon 2 years ago pdebie1982 It's why I think everyone should shoot film at least once in their life!
  • pdebie1982
    pdebie1982 2 years ago It's the first thing I teach my students. Don't point and shoot, but look at the subject and think about what you like about it. Why did the subject caught your attention. If you cannot specify it. It probably won't get the attention of the people who look at your photo also. So step back a moment and think about how you want to emphasize that thing that made you stop for a second. By just thinking about it for a couple of seconds, you're getting a better picture allready. :)
  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon 2 years ago Pretty much sums it up yeah LOL
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    DJaySplitSecond 2 years ago Layne Fable your pics are awesome on IG! I'm @masonwade_photography
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    Layne Fable 2 years ago Marcel Hoskins @laynabayna on IG! I should set up and 500px
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    syn 4 months ago You look like Doctor Strange, except you're Canadian. So a Canadian Doctor Strange? Yep.
  • machia0705
    machia0705 2 years ago What you're describing here are the extreme basics . But it is these basic elements that help to make a great photograph . Without them , the latest iPhone , the DSLR with more megapixels or a thousand dollar lens is meaningless . Good short lesson here .
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    ARIA FPV 1 year ago Chris Ramsay Im just looking for a DSLR so Im not sure wich one to get. I do Landscape.... Canon 750d vs 200d or Nikon d5600???????? Whats the difference between the 750d or 200d???
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