Which Photo Processing Software Should You Use?

Published on Jul 11, 2019 12,875 views
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I'm so sorry this video took so long! So much to talk about and I wasn't very organized in my presentation. Hopefully what I did blab about will help!

In this video, I talk about the similarities and differences between Lightroom, On1 Photo RAW 2019, Luminar 3, Alien Skin Exposure X4, Capture One, and Affinity Photo.

Time in video for quick access:

01:00 - Mention of open source software:


RAW Therapee:

02:15 - *Lightroom:

09:55 - *On1 Photo RAW 2019:

17:40 - *Luminar 3:

24:15 - *Alien Skin Exposure X4:

25:55 - *Capture One:

31:40 - Affinity Photo:

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  • John Collins
    John Collins 1 week ago You forgot to mention that Affinity Photo is only 1 part of the Affinity Suite,there is also Designer and Publisher and they all interact with each other.
  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac 1 week ago Yes affinity photo has a trial. I got it from serif's website.
  • Chuck Johnson
    Chuck Johnson 1 week ago Anthony, thank your for putting this together and it's not too long of a video. Affinity is available from for $49.99 for Mac or Windows and they do have a Trial you can download. It is also available for iPad for $19.99. I have used Photoshop since vs 2 before they even had layers. In May my subscription to the Adobe Photo package was up and I cut the cord and switched to Affinity and have not looked back. Like you said it is much faster in a lot of it processes. I have been a photographer for over 40 years and I can tell you Affinity Photo works great. I also purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher. All are great programs. I hope this helps.
  • Chuck Johnson
    Chuck Johnson 1 week ago Thank you, Anthony, for this and all of your tutorials. I left Lightroom some time ago and finally settled on Capture One as my primary raw editing tool. That said, I believe ON1 also does a very good job rendering Fuji X-Trans raw files. Also, one thing I would like to say about Exposure X4: You mentioned, rightly, that Exposure does not have camera profiles as do Lightroom, Capture One, and ON1, but Exposure includes a very nice array of film simulation presets.
  • igw2b
    igw2b 1 week ago Thanks for the comparisons. I think that you were a bit unfair to Capture One (my app of choice). I think that sometimes people find it confusing because it is considerably different from, say, Lightroom which they may have been using for years. But I have been using Capture One for years, and when I try something like Lightroom, I find that confusing. So it's a matter of what you are used to. Capture One also has outstandingly good video tutorials and webinars on its YouTube channel (also available from the Learning Hub on their website) which are a great resource for those starting out. And for other users too in fact - I always learn something new.
  • membler
    membler 1 week ago I agree. C1 seems daunting at first but it's not that difficult really. I use On1 to cull images sometimes and for panos, HDR and focus blending. But for basic raw processing nothing beats Capture One. I'm a Sony shooter.
  • genghis2510
    genghis2510 1 week ago Definitely, the answer is the one you've been using now.