Photography Tutorial: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

Published on Dec 21, 2015 3,720,800 views
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    MF DOOM 10 months ago 1:05 ISO 3:46 Aperture 7:38 Shutter Speed
  • Abdi Shaqsia
    Abdi Shaqsia 6 days ago This is really cool. Thank you so much. You explain it so simple I got it just in one try. Can't wait to watch more tutorials
  • Cartel Samar
    Cartel Samar 1 month ago Thanx man!
  • Cartel Samar
    Cartel Samar 1 month ago Thanx a lot!
  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 1 month ago Great name by the way! Books of War.
  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis 2 months ago
  • Crowned Clown
    Crowned Clown 2 months ago Bro, A is for aperture, recommended to 1.4 , S is for shutter speed, depending on what you want to achieve.. what is M stands for? And recommended value? Thanks!
  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez 8 months ago The real MVP 👏🏽
  • jojo 890 xd
    jojo 890 xd 9 months ago Thx bro
  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 9 months ago Love u
  • Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce 2 years ago If you can get the background out of focus everyone you know who has limited knowledge of photography will be impressed.
  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee 4 days ago Austin Pearce that is so true
    ANDREA DANIEL 2 months ago Yeap! That's me
  • Hou7226
    Hou7226 4 months ago Every cellphone does this nowadays lol
  • Games
    Games 4 months ago This comment is so underrated!
  • The Cakekappen Show
    The Cakekappen Show 5 months ago 1000% true lol.
  • Sunjammr
    Sunjammr 6 months ago Not everyone I know!
  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 6 months ago +xplat 😄😆😂😁
  • xplat
    xplat 6 months ago @Mysopias I remember my first job when I turned six. Filing taxes that year was rough. But it got me through elementary school.
  • Madam In Manhattan
    Madam In Manhattan 6 months ago True
  • Stephanie Maendel
    Stephanie Maendel 8 months ago oh my word whyyyy is this so true
  • Za Ha
    Za Ha 9 months ago Yep, Number one Tip
  • somnath bhowmick
    somnath bhowmick 1 year ago I can desapear the object in front and take a sharp picture in the back overlooking your comment and take notice of the comment made by the 2 hosts lol
  • Yash Sinhasan
    Yash Sinhasan 1 year ago Austin Pearce Hi, I am freelance photographer. Here is the link to my work.
  • Ye
    Ye 1 year ago Austin Pearce Any advice for someone planning to work for themselves as a photographer?
  • Arman Views
    Arman Views 1 year ago I think photography is deep concept. We should give this course a try. Its affordable
  • Arman Views
    Arman Views 1 year ago I found this program on photography really helpful :
  • TDubsKid
    TDubsKid 1 year ago true but you will impress yourself when understand why that is and how to control it
  • Blake Rovai
    Blake Rovai 1 year ago Looking for constructive criticism on my IG account: @asapblockay
  • Sha・Ne・Ru
    Sha・Ne・Ru 2 years ago this is so true xD hhaha
  • Justin
    Justin 2 years ago True!!!!
  • Jorge Martinez
    Jorge Martinez 2 years ago true!
  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers 2 years ago Bokeh to the max baby!
  • Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce 2 years ago Its a shit ton of work but at least I'm doing something I enjoy.
  • Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce 2 years ago I took pictures for my school newspaper in High School once I got into photography. I actually build website, take marketing pics and video and then edit it for businesses. It's on a more local scale and a small company but I enjoy it a lot.
  • Austin Pearce
    Austin Pearce 2 years ago Anything I take with bokeh impresses my parents haha. That's nice to know for me because I work in web design.
  • A Life Long Walk
    A Life Long Walk 10 months ago Keep ISO low as possible and rely on aperture and shutter speed. Lower fstop aperture means blurry background so you can focus on subject. Fast shutter speed for if it's bright and sunny out not to let too much light in. Thank you!
  • AndretheDias
    AndretheDias 3 months ago @Emilio Hernandez Jr ofer 9000
  • Emilio Hernandez Jr
    Emilio Hernandez Jr 4 months ago So if its daylight out and i have my shutter speed maxed out like 1/4000 what setting should my iso be?
  • Xavi
    Xavi 5 months ago @Aurë Entuluva! as low as posible. Setting will dictate ISO
  • Aurë Entuluva!
    Aurë Entuluva! 7 months ago I’ve just gotten into photography. How low should I keep the ISO?
  • Fit freak
    Fit freak 9 months ago thx man
  • Monica Ashley
    Monica Ashley 1 month ago "You're not gonna be looking at the lights in the background unless you're on acid." lmfao
  • Elizabeth Walker
    Elizabeth Walker 4 months ago I just got my first legit camera and have had no idea what these things mean. This video is very helpful for beginners like me who are just diving into photography. Thanks for the informational video!
  • Animator 005
    Animator 005 2 months ago @Allen A god bless your dad.
  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 months ago @Animator 005 My dad served during the Korean war , I'm his caregiver now he has varius health issues now .
  • Animator 005
    Animator 005 2 months ago @Allen A your dad seems a cool guy. And you admire him so much. Have a nice day. And thanks for your service. I dont know which country you are from but every person in military deserve respect
  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 months ago @Animator 005 After my time in the military I became a photojurnalist then I did weddings for a time .
  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 months ago @Animator 005 He was a pro at one time , a photojurnalist I believe . But he taught me ,
  • Animator 005
    Animator 005 2 months ago @Allen A is your dad a pro photographer or its just a hobby like mine
  • Animator 005
    Animator 005 2 months ago @Allen A oh thats nice.
  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 months ago @Animator 005 I have multiple film camera's from thru the years , plus my dslr's lens etc . Plus some of my dad's cameras when he started photography in 1944
  • Animator 005
    Animator 005 2 months ago @Allen A wow you really care about your stuff. My brother doesnt even clean the lens weekly. I borrowed the camera from him.
  • Allen A
    Allen A 2 months ago I got my first camera in 1978 , I still have and use it to this day . It is a Canon ae-1
  • Zed Tv
    Zed Tv 3 months ago just bought my first camera a couple day ago as well, i've done so much research in the last day and a half. how are liking the new hobby since its been a couple months?
  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 1 year ago You guys know how to explain!! Examples that you guys gave was so damn good.. amazing video! You guys rock!!
  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 7 months ago I agree.
  • Layla P
    Layla P 1 year ago This is one of the best videos that explain the basics of photography and I cannot thank you guys enough
  • El Moist Taco
    El Moist Taco 20 hours ago I like the analogies you guys gave for shutter speed. It made it easy to pick up on
  • Vince Zampella
    Vince Zampella 4 hours ago Still useful in 2019, thanks boyz
  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez 1 year ago Most helpful video I've found regarding the basics. I love how you guys included examples instead of just pure definitions
  • Benjamin Rosen
    Benjamin Rosen 27 minutes ago Awesome video guys. I really needed a dumbed down explanation
  • TwoFires Starwood
    TwoFires Starwood 1 month ago I found this video incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you so much!!👍🏻👍🏻
  • Jen D
    Jen D 23 hours ago this video is amazing, they are so clear
  • Grace Olumide
    Grace Olumide 2 days ago This is the best beginner tutorial for photographers 📸
  • vinya jacqui
    vinya jacqui 5 months ago I have this video on save as I have Autism and can forget things a lot so i just watch this to remind me :)
  • Ali
    Ali 4 months ago Youre a very smart good human being if youre autistic
  • music2soothmysoul
    music2soothmysoul 4 months ago vinya jacqui I’m with ADHD and dyslexia. I’d forget my name is I didn’t have DL
  • Claudia Goodwin
    Claudia Goodwin 4 days ago DONT SKIP THE ADS!! This video is so helpful!!
  • Cass Salazar
    Cass Salazar 1 year ago I am a complete novice in the world of photography but I'm about to purchase the Nikon D3400 and this video is BRILLIANT!!!! You guys have helped me soooo much thank you!!
  • Steve A
    Steve A 10 months ago Practice
  • Gabs Anvidre
    Gabs Anvidre 1 year ago Cass Salazar hey did you buy your camera already?
  • Srk Rap
    Srk Rap 2 years ago "you not gonna look at the colors in the background unless you're on acid". lol. subscribed
  • Matthew Briner
    Matthew Briner 10 months ago Same LMAO
  • Dank Florida
    Dank Florida 1 year ago them colors are surreal lmfaoo who else has warped through time?
  • Savtastic
    Savtastic 1 year ago Srk Rap same 😂
  • Huckle Thums
    Huckle Thums 1 year ago Srk Rap i read your comment just as he said that haha
  • ashique mlore
    ashique mlore 1 year ago I paused the video to come down to the comment section to see if that gem of a sentence went unnoticed!
  • J. Patrick Lindor
    J. Patrick Lindor 1 day ago Goddamn ads popping up every so often are annoying and jack up the flow of learning.
  • aaehlt ooo
    aaehlt ooo 1 month ago I just both my first camera Nikon d3400.